Knocking on the Gates of Teshuvah

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  • What is real “regret” and “commitment to the future”?
  • How does one do teshuvah for all different kinds of wrongdoings?
  • How does one do teshuvah out of love for Hashem?
  • What are the things that prevent a person from doing teshuvah?
  • How does a person ensure that his teshuvah on Yom Kippur is rock-solid?

In the ten chapters of Hilchos Teshuvah, the Rambam elaborates on the proper steps of teshuvah as well as many other important concepts that are crucial to a successful teshuvah. Culled from varied sources that shed light on the Rambam’s timeless words, Knocking on the Gates of Teshuvah brings those concepts to life with real-life scenarios and relevant strategies for achieving a lasting teshuvah.

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“Written with immense clarity and insight that will benefit the beginner and the advanced Torah scholar alike. A valuable addition to our preparations for the Yamim Nora’im.”

Rav Shraga Feivel Zimmerman

“Very informative, interesting, and enlightening.”

Rav Zev Leff

“Fascinating insights into the mechanisms of teshuvah. Clearly written and an important contribution.”

Rabbi Dr. Akiva Tatz


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Knocking on the Gates of Teshuvah
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