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Having impacted lives in Germany, Canada, and the UK, acclaimed educator and coach Gila Ross uses her 20-years of experience in education and coaching to help transform relationships and lives. Through Living Beautifully, Mrs. Ross strives to share her deep passion for Jewish wisdom and living a meaningful life.

Living Beautifully navigates the complex terrains of life, providing the tools and principles to appreciate what is truly valuable, see obstacles as challenges, and guide readers toward a balanced life full of meaning, joy, and fulfillment. Drawing from the time-tested wisdom of Pirkei Avos, Mrs. Ross shows readers how to live beautifully despite the pressures and complexity of modern life.

Living Beautifully will inspire readers to infuse their lives with meaning and happiness, while demonstrating how even the smallest actions can have a significant impact on our souls and the world.

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“Gila addresses important and burning issues that many of us are dealing with. Reading, learning, and internalizing this book will change your life,”

Mrs. Chaya Levine, Dean of Students at Neve College for Women.

“In an age where so many feel pain and anxiety, this sefer breathes hope. She has ingeniously passed the lessons of our Avos to a generation that is searching for answers,”

Rabbi Menachem Nissel, author and educator.

6 reviews for Living Beautifully

  1. Esther Radnor

    I am so grateful for getting your inspiring book ‘living beautifully’. It was so interesting. I couldn’t put the book down.

    This book reads so easily and makes Pirkei Avos so relevant to today. It has made me excited to grow further.

  2. Martine Vaizman

    This is a truly magnificent book. It’s written so cleverly, complex concepts made simple to understand and actually apply. It’s clear a genuinely experienced Yiddishkeit enabler has written the book, her passion for teaching is clear throughout and the message is clear and most important through her wisdom and wonderful articulation it’s learning that’s possible to apply to life and ‘live beautifully’. A great book to be treasured.

  3. Melissa Chapman

    This book is outstanding and inspiring. It highlights the significance of Jewish principles to modern life and offers the tools with which we can make meaningful changes to enrich our lives. I highly recommend it.

  4. Lori Palatnik

    Countless people ask me: “Can you recommend a book for someone in their Jewish journey?” At last I can. Gila Ross has written an inspiring, engaging and uplifting book that shares timeless wisdom for our world today. Bravo,—I can whole-heartedly recommend it to you, and anyone who is navigating their personal spiritual journey.

  5. Chana Stern

    This is truly a wonderful book.. I started reading it over the weekend and it is so insightful and very interesting. Gila, how amazing that you have written a book – it is such a major project to take on, and a massive achievement. I’m looking forward to finishing off reading it and gaining more knowledge along the way.
    I also enjoyed the aesthetics of the book cover – the colours and graphics are very well designed in an intricate yet eye catching way. Wishing you much success with this masterpiece!

  6. Tzirel Hiley

    What an uplifting book! The timeless messages of chazal come through in bitesize pieces that provide the perfect pick-me-up for a Shabbos afternoon. Perfectly suited for the busy women of today that crave a connection to Hashem and Torah wisdom, but struggle to have the time and concentration for anything heavier than this. Definitely a keeper!

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