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Meet Uncle Dovi and his lucky nephew, whose shared adventures help develop sensitivity and reduce the anxiety that young children (and even some adults) experience when they meet others who appear “different.” Through simple text and beautiful illustrations, readers gain an awareness that the inclusion of all people, whatever their strengths or weaknesses, enriches all of our lives.

Ahava Ehrenpreis (nee Sperka) is the celebrated author of More than Special: Perspectives from the World of Special Needs and On My Own…but Not Alone. Mother of Saadya, a”h, a young man with Down syndrome, her experiences raising him were the basis for her popular and well-received articles and book on the topic. Saadya’s tragic passing from COVID-19 provided the impetus for My Special Uncle, which serves as a tribute to his sincere and ever-present assertion to everyone he knew that “it’s going to be okay!”

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4 reviews for My Special Uncle

  1. Esther Moskovitz

    Wow! This book is so fun and light, and yet so powerful. Ahava obviously understands the realities of living with a special needs adult relative, and the things children need to hear to be able to love that relative sans the confusion and upset that can come with the territory.

  2. Elisheva Plotnik

    This book is written with such sensitivity, and is an important contribution to an overlooked demogragphic, the nephews and nieces of special individuals. Their perspectives and their relationships with their special uncle or aunt are quite different than those of parents and siblings. This book answers the need for this niche group.

  3. EB

    Ahava Ehrenpreis’ children’s book, “My Special Uncle,” is narrated by an Orthodox Jewish boy who is a member of a large, close-knit family. The boy’s Uncle Dovi, who has Down Syndrome, plays games with zest and enjoys music, even if he sings too loudly at times.

    The author focuses on the challenges and rewards of having a special-needs individual in one’s family. Although caring for Dovi is not always easy, his warmth, affection, and enthusiasm enrich the lives of everyone he meets. This realistic and educational book, for kids ages five to eight, is enhanced by Mira Simon’s vivid and colorful illustrations. “My Special Uncle” effectively conveys the importance of treating people who have special needs lovingly and compassionately.

  4. Rabbi Yaakov Bender

    Great book
    Kids need to read it.

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