Pain is a Reality, Suffering is a Choice

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No one is immune from difficulties and challenges.

In response to the devastating news of his two-year-old daughter’s leukemia, her years of illness, and her subsequent passing at the age of fourteen, Rabbi Asher Resnick has devoted decades of study to comprehend and share the Jewish perspective on suffering and Divine Justice.

Pain Is a Reality, Suffering Is a Choice provides a deeply personal and profoundly human Torah perspective on some of life’s most basic and essential questions. Drawing on his own personal experience and a wealth of classical Jewish sources, the author sheds light on the Torah view of many fundamental topics:

  • Painful emotions and anger at God
  • Maintaining a connection with the deceased
  • The World to Come and reincarnation
  • Grappling with difficult tests in life
  • Why painful things happen to good people



“A most remarkable work that only a most sensitive talmid chacham who himself lived through that harrowing pain can produce… The reader will gain great insight and knowledge from studying the deep and powerful topics that he presents — so thoroughly, clearly, and poignantly.”

Rav Ahron Lopiansky
Rosh Yeshiva, Yeshiva of Greater Washington



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Pain is a Reality, Suffering is a Choice
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