Parashah Sheleimah – Bereishis


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The weekly Torah portion is a great unifier of our people, with Jews the world over reading the same words of Torah week after week. These words serve as connection to our shared history, as well as inspiration regarding current events and personal life events.

With fresh and creative insights based on traditional sources, Parashah Sheleimah opens a multi-faceted window to the weekly Torah reading — for all events and all occasions — divided into ten categories for each parashah.

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About The Author

Rabbi Allen Schwartz has been the rabbi of the historic congregation Ohab Zedek in Manhattan, NY, for the past thirty-three years, and has taught at Yeshiva University for the past thirty-eight years. He recently published the Four Sons Haggadah and Conflict and Resolution in the Early Prophets.


“This book reveals life’s lessons in every parashah, in faith, hashkafah, and derech eretz.”

Rabbi Hershel Schachter

“Rabbi Schwartz takes you through life cycles and Torah interpretations that rely on the wellsprings of our mesorah, with timely messages for meeting today’s challenges from a Torah perspective.”

Rabbi Mordechai Willig


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    Parashah Sheleimah - Bereishis
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