Pets in Halachah

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Bringing an animal into one’s home carries great responsibility. Pets in Halachah addresses:

  • May I own a guinea pig, a boa constrictor, or a pit bull?
  • May I feed a pet basar vechalav, pork, or shemittah produce?
  • Must I care for the goldfish my child brought home from the carnival?
  • May I entrust a child with the responsibility for a pet?
  • May I use an electric collar on a pet?
  • May I put back a fish that jumped from the aquarium on Shabbos?
  • Can my dog open electric doors for me on Shabbos?
  • Does my aviary need a mezuzah?

These and many more questions are answered clearly in this unique, well-sourced, first-of-its-kind halachic guidebook to pet ownership. This comprehensive work covers the various common problems faced by pet owners, as well as more obscure halachic issues. This sefer includes many decisions from leading contemporary poskim not found in other sources.

After years of research, Rabbi Chaim Belsky has created a must-read for Jewish pet owners everywhere, and a valuable resource for Torah scholars as well.

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