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Power Points! is more than a book — it’s a program.
It’s a step-by-step path toward personal growth.
It makes you think and provides paradigm shifts.
It relays interesting stories that demonstrate its principles.
It’s written in a “talking to you” style.
It’s fresh, real, and relevant.
It’s engaging and interesting.
It’s broken into small pieces to make it an easy read.

 Who says you can’t grow and enjoy it at the same time? 

Replete with stories and nuggets of wisdom, this book turns personal growth into an enjoyable step-by-step process.

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“Rabbi Eliyahu Dworetsky’s fresh and engaging book presents principles of personal growth that are relatable to people of all backgrounds and interests. I believe that this volume will be a tremendous tool for integrating Torah hashkafah into practical, everyday living.”

Rabbi Yaakov Bender



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    Power Points
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