The Psychology and Personal Growth Haggadah


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The Psychology and Personal Growth Haggadah blends inspiring teachings from the Torah’s earliest commentators with the classic text of the Haggadah, creating a rich and transformative Seder experience. 

 Continuing the theme of short shmuzim from Rabbi Shimon Feder’s first book, Psychology and Personal Growth in the Torah, this Haggadah follows the same uniform and predictable structure, providing the reader with a quick burst of inspiration. These fascinating divrei Torah, in addition to a selection of “Did Jew Know” facts that most people have never heard of, will pique the interest of both observant and non-observant Jews alike. 

 For all knowledge levels and backgrounds, this Haggadah is the perfect accompaniment to the Seder table and a useful tool for Torah teachers.

About The Author

After completing a double rabbinic ordination from the Rabbinical Seminary of America (Chofetz Chaim) in Queens, Rabbi Shimon Feder founded the outreach organization Jewish Education Center of South Florida (JEC) in 2005 to combat rampant assimilation and apathy among South Florida Jews. The Boca Raton–based organization offers six divisions for all ages: the Billi Marcus Camp Nageela Boca, Hebrew School, Ohr High School Program (with six branches spanning from Boca Raton to Miami), FAU College Campus Outreach Program, Shabbat and High Holiday Program, and Adult Programming. In addition to directing the JEC for the past nineteen years, Rabbi Feder is an author and enjoys speaking in different communities. Rabbi Shimon and Nechama Feder live in Boca Raton, Florida, with their six children, Moshe, Riva, Malka, Avraham, Adina, and Rusi.



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    The Psychology and Personal Growth Haggadah
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