Purim Eternal

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Rav Yitzchok Hutner wonders how we are allowed to experience complete and unbridled simchah on Purim, seeing as the Gemara in Berachos comments that it is forbidden for one to do so in this world — and that we are mandated to always temper our happiness with feelings of awe. He answers that Purim is not part of this present world; rather it is intended as an other-worldly experience that is meant to give us a taste of what the future Messianic times will be like.

In this unique work, readers will better understand – and experience – the eternal joy of Purim.


“I had tremendous pleasure reading your brilliant and thought-provoking analysis of the chag of Purim. Very creative and fascinating ideas, but all consistent with the spirit and tradition of Chazal. The many eye-opening novellae that you drew from many holy sources to this very day are remarkable.”

Rabbi Yehoshua Kalish,

Rav of Bais Medrash of Harborview

Rebbe, Yeshiva of Far Rockaway


“The day of Purim, being a day of revelry and drinking, leaves us many a time with a paucity of divrei Torah to appreciate the incredible depth of the events that transpired. Yet, it is known that Purim is a day of incredible kedushah, a day that carries within itself some of the core aspects of the future geulah in a most hidden manner. Rabbi Feiner, in his sefer Shoshanas Yaakov Avinoam, has given us remarkable insights into some of those depths. It is written clearly and lucidly, yet conveys of the depth that is secreted in the various inyanim of Purim.”

Rav Ahron Lopiansky,

Rosh HaYeshiva,

Yeshiva of Greater Washington — Tiferes Gedaliah

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