Purim: Removing the Mask

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Of all the masks we may encounter on Purim, the most intriguing is the one worn by Purim itself…

Behind the feasting and merriment that accompany the day of Purim lie some of the most profound and meaningful ideas of Judaism. Drawing on a fascinating array of sources, renowned teacher and author Rabbi Immanuel Bernstein guides the reader on an eye-opening journey toward a deeper appreciation of the Jewish People’s most colorful festival.


“I thank you for this major contribution to the appreciation of Purim…I urge everyone to make use of this tool to enhance the Purim day.”

—HaRav Yisroel Reisman


“Replete with wisdom and wit, deep insight and telling relevance…Rabbi Bernstein’s latest book on the story of Purim is a masterpiece of insight, tradition, perspective, and thought. It deserves to be in every Jewish library.”

—HaRav Berel Wein


“It is known that the festival of Purim is both concealed and exalted; its laws and customs are hidden and mystifying. In this unique sefer, the author explains the essence of the day as well as the avodah that accompanies it.”

—HaRav Osher Weiss



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