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Rabbi JJ Hecht was a man determined to make a difference. Closely guided by the Rebbe Rayatz and fiercely devoted to the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Hecht was a powerful, unrelenting force on the front lines of preserving Torah-true Judaism and the future of the Jewish people. 

For nearly fifty years, Rabbi Hecht was a pioneer of Jewish outreach and fearless leader of American Jewry. His influence and inspiration spanned the globe, and their effects still ripple today. Where there was a Jewish need, Rabbi Hecht stepped up to fill it; from chinuch to assimilation, from intermarriage to counseling, from the skyscrapers of New York to the fledging State of Israel and the radio waves in between, no person was too small, no soul was too lost.

Rabbi Hecht valued every individual; his work enriched the lives of thousands, his legacy affected millions. His impact lives on.

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  1. David Eliezrie

    A great bio of one of the key leaders of the Chabad movement. Rabbi J. J. Hecht was was one of the pioneers of Jewish renaissance in the United States. This book brings his story to life, great inspiration.

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    Rabbi JJ Hecht
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