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Discover the secrets to nurturing young mensches with Raising a Mensch, a transformative guide for parents and educators. Dive into the essence of what it means to be a mensch – a person of integrity and honor – and learn how to instill these values in children. This insightful book is more than just a parenting guide; it’s a journey into the heart of character development.

Uncover the proactive and positive approach to teaching good middos (ethical virtues) through this innovative and interactive resource. “Raising a Mensch” is crafted to engage both parents and children in meaningful discussions and practical exercises. Each chapter offers:

  • Real-life scenarios and discussion questions to explore a particular middah (ethical virtue) with your child.
  • Weekly inspirational thoughts from the parashah (Torah portion), offering deep insights into each middah.
  • Practical challenges to put the middos into action.

Perfect for parents seeking a hands-on approach, this book addresses crucial topics like gratitude, handling peer pressure, welcoming behaviors, empathy, and genuine happiness. These lessons are not just theoretical; they are designed for real-life application, ensuring your child learns to navigate the world with grace and kindness.

Raising a Mensch is an invaluable tool for anyone committed to raising thoughtful, responsible, and caring individuals. It’s not just about teaching children to be nice; it’s about molding them into mensches who know and do the right thing consistently.

Book Description

This book gives parents a hands-on way to engage young children in fascinating discussions about middos. By discussing classic scenarios and key issues, children absorb and integrate proper behavior for real life.

Topics include:

         -thanking Hashem for the big and small things

         -dealing with peer pressure

         -saying “hello” when entering the house

         -caring for others who have less

         -being truly happy

About The Author

Dovid Sommer grew up in South Africa and now lives with his wife and five children in Ramat Beit Shemesh. He has taught for various Jewish youth programs from America, Australia, and South Africa and is currently teaching, writing, and translating. His specialty is translating Torah texts from Hebrew into English, with a special interest in personal growth and inspiring others to actualize their potential. 


“This work will definitely enhance children’s and adults’ sensitivity to issues of good
character and behavior, and engender a true Torah lifestyle.”


1 review for Raising a Mensch

  1. Deena F

    I read this book at the table with my 9 year old and year old. Great lessons in the Parsha and everyone comes away with something

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