Recovery in the Torah

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A groundbreaking book that explores one aspect of each Torah portion to help readers find personal meaning and practical application in the realm of recovery from addiction.

Recovery in the Torah offers guidance to those who have struggled with addictive behavior, their acquaintances, and anyone who seeks spiritual clarity in a chaotic and uncertain world.

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Rabbi Tureff’s book is directed to those in recovery from addictions. There are many important messages that Rabbi Tureff presents, creating connections with the weekly Torah portions. On the surface, these lessons are directed to recovering addicts. So the average person may not think there is much of value for him or her. “I may have challenges, but substance addiction isn’t one of them.”

But Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski, z”l, in his book Addictive Thinking, has shown us that the underlying causes of addiction have taken root in our society. Our culture is one that facilitates the same kind of thinking that leads to substance addiction. The drive for immediate gratification, distorted thinking, low self-esteem, victimhood, denial, and rationalizations are all prevalent in our modern culture and affect our daily lives. These problems may not lead to substance abuse, but they clearly undermine our ability for spiritual growth.

Read with that in mind, Rabbi Tureff’s messages to recovering addicts and those involved with those facilitating that recovery can serve as a guide and motivator for anyone looking to grow as a more spiritual and productive person. 

Rabbi Shaya Karlinsky

In this searingly powerful collection of thoughts on the weekly Torah portion, Rabbi Dr. Chaim Tureff shares with us a new perspective. Just as an educator or a parent will be rewarded by reading special education literature, a conscientious individual will richly profit from Rabbi Tureff’s insights from the perspective of a recovering addict. 

Frankly, Recovery in the Torah is a haunting, and — pun not intended — sobering revelation of how Torah messages can assist with recovery. Even one who has never been tempted by prohibited substances can reap deep benefits from Recovery in the Torah. The Torah direly forbids bizarre and appalling — seemingly never tempting — pagan rites, for it realizes that there is a dark place that may lurk inside the heart and in the psyche. 

The malaise of addiction permeates society ubiquitously but also insidiously. Few are knowledgeable, or astute enough, to detect the tell-tale symptoms, which puts us all at risk to being victimized by a mindset that is anything but Torahitic. Hence, we are indebted to Rabbi Chaim Tureff for not only his enlightening and memorable commentary, but also for sharpening our focus to be aware of thoughts and behavior that may mirror the destructive path of an addict. 

We all sorely miss the illumination and instruction of Rabbi Doctor Abraham J. Twerski; I venture that he would applaud the appearance of this volume.

Rabbi Hanoch Teller





2 reviews for Recovery in the Torah

  1. Julie (verified owner)

    This is a must have book for everyone. It is a book of inspiration that will speak to anyone. One doesn’t have to be in direct recovery to read the book. We all have vices and use food or technology to relieve our daily frustrations. We are all in need of healing. Read this gem and gain the wisdom that Rabbi Tureff is offering. He is bringing the beauty of the Torah to you to help you improve your life. I am grateful for this book.

  2. Dvorah

    This book is important to understand how a weekly parsha can break down the difficult task of dealing with anything we use as a distraction. It is easy to read, understand and put to use for those struggling with addiction and those wanting to understand and grow through Torah words on how to get out of our own way.

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