Sara The Bucket Filler

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Discover the world of bucket filling!

Every person in the world has an invisible bucket that holds their good thoughts and feelings. When our buckets are full, that means we feel good about ourselves and we are happy. When our buckets are empty, that means we feel bad about ourselves and we may become sad or angry. Join Sara as she learns how to fill other people’s buckets — by giving compliments, helping without being asked, expressing love, and being kind. You will discover, just as Sara did, that by filling other people’s buckets, your own bucket also gets filled up. And that makes you — and the people in your life — happier and kinder every single day!


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5 reviews for Sara The Bucket Filler

  1. Michal Mendelow

    Sara the Bucket Filler is a must have for every home and early childhood classroom. The message in this book has the power to transform a child and lead towards true ahavas yisrael. Thank you Rivka Fishman for opening up the world of bucket filling to us.

  2. Charles Saul

    This is a real game changer. It’s a book which children will cherish and which will provide them with life-changing ways to address bullying.

  3. Dr. Dani

    As a mental health professional working with kids, I highly recommend this book. It helps build important coping skills in kids by teaching them other ways of understanding complex social interactions in a simple way that all kids can understand!

  4. Eli s

    Such a moving and heartwarming story! My kids try to fill each other’s buckets now too!

  5. Elisha

    Such an important book to teach kids how to stay happy in an often unkind world!

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