Seder Hacheirus

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Written by Rav Sheftel Weinberg, Seder Hacheirus offers a novel perspective on the Pesach Seder. 

This exceptional commentary on the Haggadah tells the story of this exalted night in a distinctive fashion – demonstrating how all the parts are interconnected and can be fully understood only by reference to the whole.

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3 reviews for Seder Hacheirus

  1. Daniel Bashary

    Incredible sefer! Absolutely changed the way I look at the seder.

  2. Shalom Vanderhoof

    A unique and novel commentary on the Haggadah that completely changed my appreciation for Pesach and Yetzias Mitzrayim

  3. Eitan M

    Amazing Haggadah!
    A must-have for every Pesach Seder.

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    Seder Hacheirus
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