Sparks of Clarity II


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For all the enthusiasts clamoring for more—as well as for the earnest newcomers in search of inspiration—Rabbi Buddy Berkowitz, master mechanech, is back with a second volume of fresh and illuminating Torah insights.

How do we understand Hashem’s promise to Avraham that his offspring will be as innumerable as the stars; hasn’t the Jewish population throughout the centuries been relatively small and very countbale? Why did Lavan bless Rivkah that her descendants will vanquish their enemy? He himself is the enemy! 

In his clear, inimitable style, Rav Buddy explores these and many other timeless themes, opening up new vistas into the lives of Biblical and Talmudic figures, while elucidating important lessons in all areas of life—including emunah, middos, shalom bayis, and more.

This volume includes an easy-to-use index of parshiyos for both volumes of Sparks of Clarity.

The sparks of clarity contained in these pages will energize readers, elevate their avodas Hashem, and enhance their lives. 

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    Sparks of Clarity II
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