Teachings: In-Depth Reflections on the Parshah


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Warning: This volume of Teachings: In-Depth Reflections on the Torah is not for those looking for a hit-and-run vort (word of Torah). It is also not for those seeking an all-encompassing analysis of a parshah sugya (topic).

So what is it?

The Torah is many things. It is a gift, a book, a yoke, a window, a covenant, a heritage. It is also a song. A song can elevate the saddest of hearts and humble the proudest of minds.

A song should bring simchah.Teachings maintains a light touch, often engaging in humor to make a point.

A song can be sung by various singers. Teachings presents multiple solutions to questions found in the Torah.

A song should be profound and thought-provoking. Teachings accesses a wide range of mostly classical sources, bringing the yeshiva to you and making the Torah’s song accessible to a wide spectrum of Jews.

A song lingers. The teachings of Teachings will remain on your lips and in your mind – allowing
Torah learning to result in Torah living.

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    Teachings: In-Depth Reflections on the Parshah
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