The Daily Aliyah


One day or day one?
You decide

Let today be day one of your enhanced journey through the Torah

Inspired by the concept of Daf Yomi and, The Daily Aliyah by Rabbi Shlomo Ressler presents a Torah insight for every aliyah, corresponding to the seven days of the week.

Whether you’re a seasoned learner or just starting on your journey, this unique book will empower you to reflect, introspect, and engage with the Torah by focusing on one aliyah a day.

Daily Aliyah both versions

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“Rabbi Shlomo Ressler, with [his] clever, original idea, has opened up the weekly parashah in its entirety for people around the world… by presenting us with a Torah insight for every aliyah [corresponding to] the seven days of the week, he has allowed us to broaden our horizons.”

 Rabbi Paysach Krohn


“Drawing from the wellsprings of Rishonim and Acharonim, from the Gedolim of both the Lithuanian Yeshiva world and from the Chassidic community, the breadth of this sefer is truly remarkable. Broken up by aliyah, readers will surely be inspired by the gems that one can find in each and every parashah.”

Rav Mordechai Burg


“Rav Shlomo has been able to utilize his gracious heart, connect, and draw wisdom from all people with whom he communicates and from all sources of Torah. His connection of heart and mind has enabled him to gain the knowledge to write thoughts and insights of the Torah and then impart that depth of wisdom to all people.”

Rabbi Shmuel Greenberg


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