The Great Z’manim Debate

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Someone who is not familiar with nature and has never pondered the daily path of the sun, the stars, and the moon cannot begin to appreciate the way Chazal and the Rishonim describe the path of the sun.

[This] sefer not only clarifies the sugya of z’manim in all of its details, but is an intellectual adventure to read. The narrative that unfolds is one of a quest that spans generations. It is the story of chachamim toiling in the pursuit of truth, striving to unravel confusing and conflicting sources in their search to establish the time of tzeis ha’kochavim and alos ha’shachar, as well as the proper z’manim for mitzvos. It is a quest that persists today, as there remain widely different practices in calculating z’manim. All of these practices are rooted in different opinions among the Torah giants that engaged in this pursuit of truth. It is the object of this sefer to illuminate the rationale for each of the various shitos rather than to pasken halachah l’maaseh.


Authored in English in order to acquaint bnei Torah with the fundamentals of astronomy and to explain the various shitos in z’manim, such as bein ha’shemashos and alos ha’shachar … One who learns from this sefer will enjoy it and be enlightened.

Harav Shlomo Miller

The study of the motion of the sun has many applications in limud HaTorah — the most halachah l’maaseh in regard to calculating z’manei ha’yom…. Written in extraordinarily clear terms…this complex topic [is now] accessible to many.

Harav Yisroel Reisman

Unfortunately, there are many parts of Torah that are written in language and description alien to us, which greatly hampers our understanding of that part of Torah. One of those areas is the area of astronomy, that figures in greatly in halachah and Agaddah. [This is a] remarkable work explaining these sugyos. [The author] has mapped out different Rishonim’s shitos, [with an] understanding of what was meant, and explains both the realia and the halachah most lucidly. It is an incredible work of a chashuva talmid chacham, yerei Shamayim, and most knowledgeable person. It is thorough and lucid.

Harav Ahron Lopiansky

3 reviews for The Great Z’manim Debate

  1. William Gewirtz (verified owner)

    Excellent Sefer, particular 1) the explanation of the science as currently understood and as understood by tannaim, amoraim and rishonim, 2) bringing to life haChush Maichish and its conformance with depression angles, and 3) the attack on the use of fixed-intervals. A longer and more detailed review is posted on my website

  2. S Jacobs

    Clarity immutable bikush haemes!

  3. Michoel Brooke

    This sefer is on a mission. The author is brilliant. Parts I disagreed with, but that is often what I look for in sefer profound & insightful work from a scholarly individual.

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    The Great Z’manim Debate
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