The Heart of the Parashah

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No word of the Torah is superfluous. No incident recorded is extra. Every letter contains lessons to be derived. The Heart of the Parashah is a collection of short ideas on every parashah that bring home some of these lessons.

Divide a Jew in Two, What Do You Find? — an insight from the bris bein ha’besarim

The Making of Extraordinary People — an insight into the chessed of Rachel Imeinu

Mountains and Molehills — an insight into Har Sinai

Parenting, Shabbos Hagadol, and Lighting the Torch — an insight into the bright side of life

I Believe in Am Yisrael — an insight into Moshe Rabbeinu smashing the luchos

In these pages, the reader will discover life-enhancing messages — such as connecting with Hashem, using our talents to their utmost, and picking ourselves up after we have fallen — that can be shared at the Shabbos table, at a simchah, or at any formal or casual encounter. Each idea is designed to promote further discussion around the topic — and to make you smile!

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1 review for The Heart of the Parashah

  1. Yehuda

    It’s a must!
    The most touching Sefer on the Parsha. Short and to the point.
    After reading this Sefer you’ll never be unprepared for a Dvar Torah

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The Heart of the Parashah
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