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The King’s Horse by Leah Sokol, with illustrations by Joni Aliza Boroda, is a captivating children’s book that offers a unique perspective on the story of Purim. Narrated by the king’s horse in the Persian royal stables, this tale weaves an enchanting narrative around the events of Megillat Esther, bringing to life the drama and excitement of Purim in a way that’s accessible and engaging for young readers.

Book Description

I am the king’s horse. I live in the biggest stall in the Persian royal stables.

King Achashveirosh never comes to visit me. He is a busy man, always planning parties, and wars, and then more parties.

But tonight, something strange is going on. Haman is in the courtyard, waking me up with his racket.

I don’t know what he’s up to, but something tells me I’m not going to like it…

About The Author

Leah Sokol spent many Purims thinking about ways to write a book based on Megillas Esther, and many Pesachs asking for horseback riding lessons for her afikomen. She now lives in Silver Spring, Maryland, down the road from a riding stable. She is the author of several books for young readers.

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