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What is a lamplighter?

Rabbi Akiva taught that “to love your fellow as yourself” is the cardinal principle of Torah. Each one of us must fundamentally and wholeheartedly care for and help our fellow Jew.

In our generation, the Lubavitcher Rebbe, citing the adage that “an emissary is like the person who sends him,” inspired thousands of couples — rabbis and rebbetzins, shluchim and shluchos — to blanket the globe in order to build and support Jewish communities across the world.

What does such a mission entail?

Here’s the inside story and behind-the-scenes look at the sacrifice, selflessness, and motivation to help a Jew even in the remotest of places. These stories are both the true experiences of one rebbetzin and are emblematic of the day-to-day lives of shluchim everywhere.


“In this charming collection of stories and memories, Esther Feinstein gives a rich and honest account of Chabad outreach life from the inside. This book is bound to re-enchant you with faith and admiration!”

Rabbi Chaim Miller, author of the Gutnick Chumash and Practical Tanya (Slager edition)

5 reviews for The Lamplighter

  1. Izak B. Dimenstein

    This book shows that although lamplighters are gone, people, who are enlightening life, will always remain. A wonderful narrative.
    Izak Dimenstein

  2. Izak B. Dimenstein

    Additional about the book’s design.
    The design of the book is brilliant: shimmering streetlamp on the cover, distinct print, and a soft feeling when you have the book in your hands. Low key titles and the beginnings of the book’s stories are adding to the tranquil sound of the narrative.
    Izak B. Dimenstein

  3. KSmith (verified owner)

    What a wonderful read! Author Esther Feinstein is a talented writer who captures the Jewish spirit with poetic metaphors. Within these stories, she pulls back the curtain for us to glimpse what life is like for a Chabad Rebbetzin who is fiercely dedicated to serving the community and her faith. The online pictures don’t do the cover artwork justice- the lamps catch the light!

  4. Shaina Bacharach (verified owner)

    Esther Feinstein wrote eloquently from her heart about the blessings and challenges of a spiritual life. And she makes it clear that spirituality is not only found in prayer and study but in what bring to the lives of others. Not being a Chabad member myself, I enjoyed and appreciated what I learned. And especially that the tenets of Judaism may seem different for various movements, but differences are superficial. God wants us to act in kindness and love, which the Rebitsen exemplifies.

  5. Meghan Archiquette

    I’m not a reader , I don’t like reading at all but I’ve heard so many good things about this book I had to give it a shot.

    I absolutely loved it! The best book I have ever read !!! Highly recommended!!!

    The (real) life stories keep you wanting more!
    I finished the entire thing in one sitting 😍😍😍

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