The Light of Day


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From the streets of Yerushalayim to the jungles of Vietnam…

From the Olympic finish line to the line at the bank… 

From the Gadol Hador to the taxi driver …

Through engaging anecdotes and thought-provoking divrei Torah, The Light of Day offers a refreshing and uplifting perspective on life — one that is filled with purpose and positivity, with gratitude, fulfillment, and simchas ha’chaim. These selections help the reader capture those “teachable moments” that are so easily overlooked while ricocheting through life.

Discover how your everyday life is brimming with opportunities to refine your character. 

Deepen your ever-present connection to Hashem — even amidst your daily routine.

Heighten your awareness of readily accessible opportunities for avodas Hashem.

Open your eyes to “the light of day”!


 “[F]or all ages and backgrounds…especially suitable for the Shabbat table…A lovely book that can elevate and inspire people to make their lives really matter.”

–Rabbi Yitzchak A. Breitowitz


About The Author

Rabbi Yered Michoel (a.k.a. Jared) Viders hails from Huntington, New York. Upon his graduation from law school, he learned in Yeshiva Ohr Somayach in Yerushalayim. After returning to the United States, Rabbi Viders served as a judicial law clerk to the highest court in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and subsequently moved to Monsey to learn in Yeshiva Ohr Somayach.

Currently, in addition to practicing law, Rabbi Viders teaches at Yeshiva Toras Dovid and JEP of Westchester and offers numerous classes (both in-person and remotely) for Jews of various ages and stages. His writing has appeared in a number of publications, including Hamodia, Binah, and Inyan magazines, and has been posted on His first book, entitled Seize the Moment! Finding Meaningfulness in the Here and Now, was published by Mosaica Press in 2018. Rabbi Viders welcomes any questions, comments, or feedback on this book (or in general) and can be reached at


Book Reviews

Jewish Press

Rabbi Yered Michoel (aka Jared) Viders, 47, is a lawyer, a rebbe who teaches and engages in kiruv, a family guy and, oh yeah, he’s also a writer. He became a ba’al teshuvah in law school, of all places, and today he inspires others whoever they are and wherever they may be on their spiritual path.

With a conversational, upbeat and humorous style that is both down to earth and sophisticated, Rabbi Viders in this, his second book, connects snippets of history and everyday life with the eternity of the Torah’s truth and values. Psychology and science combine with inspiration and self-help that is sure to leave you feeling uplifted, grateful and entertained. Moving, poignant stories mixed with Torah discourse and amusing trivia provide a recipe that will satisfy the palate of the most discriminating bookworm.

Thematically arranged on topics such as seeing the good, education, chesed and emunah, Viders says that he wrote The Light of Day to provide simchas ha’chaim, chizuk, inspiration and sparkling conversation at the Shabbos table. The book has rabbinical endorsements but is written for a broad readership.

Here is an excerpt:

There are simply no such things as minor roles in Hashem’s world. The Divine “casting” agency has hand-picked each and every one of us to play our unique, one-of-a-kind cameo in the unfolding history of the universe.

If you are playing a part (and you are) on Hashem’s stage, by definition, you are a far, far cry from insignificant. That moment when we embrace our role – however “supporting,” peripheral and trivial it may seem – when we strive to excel in that role, when we seek to discharge that role with enthusiasm and self-pride, that is the moment when we begin to experience the deep satisfaction and priceless G-d-given privilege of being alive.”

The Light of Day is a wonderful book filled with amazing and incredible true stories about amazing and incredible people (just like you). Over and over again, it demonstrates how Am Yisrael rises to the challenge of being worthy of the title “Hashem’s chosen people.”


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