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The Path to Happiness by Rabbi Pesach Scheiner offers a unique perspective on attaining true happiness in life. Through exploring Jewish and Chassidic teachings, the author delves into the misconceptions about what it means to live a happy life and how to find joy in everyday moments. The book shares personal anecdotes and stories to illustrate the effectiveness of the Jewish path to happiness and provides a guide for readers to discover true contentment and fulfillment in their own lives. This is a must-read for anyone seeking to find happiness in the midst of today’s fast-paced and challenging world.

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The Path to Happiness: A Jewish Chassidic Perspective is for everyone — because in deeply cynical times such as these, everyone needs inspiration, everyone needs values to live by. Faith by itself is a great thing, but it must become a force in our everyday lives. But how? That is what makes this book so useful: it gives you specific advice, specific techniques, and perspectives to help you become the person you must become if you are to find true peace and real joy. Using wonderful stories to illustrate his points, Rabbi Scheiner introduces us to a wide range of characters… Today’s world offers endless distractions — material comforts and pleasures — that somehow lead to despair. Rabbi Scheiner explains why this is so and offers us a way out of ‘the trap,’ regardless of our circumstances.  I give this book five stars! It’s not on my ‘must read’ list but on my ‘must read again and again’ list — and it will be on yours, too.”

Daniel Meyerson, Ellis Fellow at Columbia University 

“A masterpiece work on the importance of simchah.”

Rabbi Chaim Dalfin, author, historian, and mashpia


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