The Song of Shabbos


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The Song of Shabbos is a sefer, not a book, that presents an in-depth understanding of the tefillos and zemiros of Shabbos, arranged chronologically, from sunset to sunset. The various treatises present the secrets and sanctity of Shabbos in a new light.

This light, the light of the ohr ha’ganuz (the hidden light) was originally revealed in the sifrei Maharal. After centuries of neglect, it was rekindled for the Torah world by the appearance of the famous maamarim of Hagaon Harav Yitzchak Hutner, zt”l, and recorded in his sefarim, Pachad Yitzchak.

It is said that the Maharal had the keys to Chazal,  and Rav Hutner had the keys to the understanding of the Maharalnot to exclude his uncanny insights into the words of the Ramban, the Gra, and many others.

Today, forty years after his passing — the years necessary to understand the mind and ways of the Rav (“adatai d’rabbai”) — his inspiration has brought about a crescendo of interest in his Torah, the maamarim. The light he brought to the world continues to shine brightly.

“He was planted in this generation to bring light to the world and all who dwell on it — a new light
(from the inscription on his tombstone).


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    The Song of Shabbos
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