The Spiral of Time


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“Anyone who is not familiar with Rabbi Goldson’s work should remedy that defect immediately. He is a truly sparkling writer—original, deep, learned, and witty.”

Yonoson Rosenblum, author and columnist

“Rabbi Goldson has described many of the essentials of Jewish belief and practice… rooted in classical Jewish sources, illustrated by stories, and accompanied with suggestions. I highly recommend his work.”

Rabbi Dovid Gottlieb, senior lecturer, Ohr Somayach

“Rav Yonason Goldson has again added a worthy contribution to Judaic literature. …an ethical work as well as theological and very readable.”

Rabbi David Cohen, Congregation G’vul Yaavetz

Are we missing out on the wisdom and beauty of the Jewish holidays?

Reawaken  your sense of joy and wonder with fresh, inspiring, and entertaining insights. The Spiral of Time will revitalize the way  you approach each successive  holiday and rekindle your love for living a Torah life—as you pass through each new circuit around the sun. 

Rabbi Yonason Goldson is a veteran yeshiva high school rebbe, professional speaker, TEDx presenter, columnist, and award-winning podcast host.  His unique style of expression and distinctive outlook provide a wondrous and insightful journey through the seasons of the soul.


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    The Spiral of Time
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