The Spirit of Torah: Penetrating Insights into the Chumash

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The Torah is not simply a set of laws, but a living guidebook to our everyday lives.
Welcome to The Spirit of Torah, which will give you the opportunity to connect with the actual text of our great spiritual thinkers and teachers. Words can be so powerful, communicating deep meaning and delivering a message so rich and accurate. The words selected by the Rishonim and Acharonim to communicate their ideas are full of life with a perpetual and very relevant message for us all. Become inspired as you allow the ideas and insights presented in this book penetrate your heart and offer new understandings of the Torah – and life.


“I am sure it will bring great benefit to all who read it, and especially in that you bring the words of the Acharonim in full, enabling them to see the actual source. I am certain that the work will bring great satisfaction to all who learn it, thereby bringing them benefit and causing great satisfaction in the Heavens above, in that every reader will be uplifted from the ideas he learns thereof.”

Rav Shmuel Kamenetsky

“His Torah thoughts are not presented merely as a condensed gut vort tailored for the “on the run” reader known for its brevity and conciseness. Rather, the intent of the author is to give the reader the opportunity to actually learn the text in the original Lashon Hakodesh form and is accompanied with its English translation, as he skillfully weaves and develops the thought to its conclusion. At the end, one is left with a new insight food for thought, that if incubated could shape one’s future conduct and deepen his relationship with Hashem, his fellow Yid, and himself.”

Rav Shmuel Brazil

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4 reviews for The Spirit of Torah: Penetrating Insights into the Chumash

  1. Mosaica customer

    Penetrating insights into the Chumash is a very appropriate subtitle for this beautiful sefer. It contains so many beautiful ideas from the Rishonim and Acharonim that are translated in a manner that makes this work both profound and practical. Highly Recommend!

  2. Andrew

    Well written and thoughtful analysis of the weekly Sidra. Author’s themes are designed to be applicable to daily living and the formulation of Torah-true perspective. Additionally, the placement of the original Hebrew source text adjacent to the English translation serves the reader well to appreciate the nuance of the quoted source. Highly recommended!

  3. Marcus Aurelias

    This book provides wonderful insights into Torah in a highly readable manner. The author is obviously a brilliant and pious Jew. I highly recommend the purchase of this book

  4. Ari D

    Really a fantastic collection of divrie torah. really clear and thoughtful, well written. great for an easy read in shul or at the shabbos table. highly recommended

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