The Striving Higher Haggadah


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The Striving Higher Haggadah presents contemporary perspectives and novel ideas to enrich your Seder — through stories, nostalgia, and humor. Drawing from his extensive experience in chinuch, rabbanus, and therapy, the distinguished author demonstrates the relevance of the Haggadah’s ancient words to our day. With superb explanations and a refreshing commentary, this engaging Haggadah will elevate and enhance your Seder table.


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“Written with clarity and deep understanding, in a vernacular that could be appreciated by all readers”

Rabbi Mordechai Finkelman

“Harav Staum possesses the tools to help us create the magical experience of Seder night.”

Rabbi Chaim Schabes

“Filled with. … style, wit, and perceptive wisdom.”

Rabbi Berel Wein


About The Author

Rabbi Doniel (Dani) Staum lives in Monsey, New York. Having served as a shul rabbi for a decade, he is currently a high school rebbi and a therapist in private practice. Rabbi Staum is also a sought after speaker and a popular columnist.


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    The Striving Higher Haggadah
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