The Transformative Daf: Nedarim Vol 1 - Rabbi Daniel Friedman

The Transformative Daf: Nedarim Vol 1

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What if each and every word of the Gemara was life-changing? What if we could see how every single Talmudic debate, every scenario, every idea impacts the way we view ourselves and the world around us?

When you first open up The Transformative Daf, you discover a whole new way of looking at the Gemara. No example is random. No debate is tangential. Beneath the surface discussion of every sugya lies an eternal moral message.

But then you examine the abundant sources in The Transformative Daf and you realize that this approach is not new at all. Building on classic works such as Ben Yehoyada, Maharsha, Iyun Yaakov, and various Torah commentaries, it’s clear that Rabbi Friedman builds on a rich Torah tradition of deriving meaning and application for daily life.

Whether you are baki b’Shas or new to Gemara, every page of The Transformative Daf will inspire you with a lesson for life that is insightful, meaningful, and transformative!


“One leaves the daf enriched not only by the talmud Torah itself but by the practical lessons it provides for us as Jews and as human beings — every daf, every day. An excellent resource for scholar and novice alike.” 

– Rabbi Jacob J. Schacter, professor of Jewish history and Jewish thought; senior scholar, Yeshiva University

“One cannot help but be enriched by Rabbi Friedman’s combination of psychological acuity, human compassion, and religious fervor.” 

– Rabbi Yona Reiss, Av Beis Din, Beth Din Zedek, Chicago Rabbinical Council

“Some lessons stress practical behavior, others are inspirational, and still others provide a broader philosophical perspective that can help us in our life’s journey to become true avdei Hashem.” 

– Rabbi Yitzchak A. Breitowitz, Rav, Kehillat Ohr Somayach

“For the Talmud’s every single page, Rabbi Friedman uncovers and blissfully delivers a life lesson that is profound, pertinent, and unforgettable.” 

– Rabbi Hanoch Teller, renowned author, lecturer, and producer

About The Author

Rabbi Daniel Friedman is currently on his fourth daf yomi cycle. He received semichah yadin yadin from Rav Gedalia Dov Schwartz, zt”l, Av Beis Din of the Beth Din of America. He has served communities in the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK.  His articles have appeared in the Journal of Halacha and Contemporary Society, YU Lamdan, the Jewish Press, the Jerusalem Post,, and numerous other outlets.  He was the inaugural chair of the National Holocaust Monument of Canada and is a world-renowned expert on the intersection of halachah and international relations.


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The Transformative Daf: Nedarim Vol 1
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