The Unbroken Chain

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The Unbroken Chain by Rabbi Dovid Sapirman is an enlightening and thought-provoking exploration of the Oral Torah (Torah She’baal Peh) and its fundamental place in Jewish life and belief. This book tackles critical questions about the authenticity, transmission, and interpretation of the Oral Torah, offering insights into its unbroken tradition from Mount Sinai to the present day.

Book Description

Written by a master-mechanech and expert in the field, The Unbroken Chain offers everyone, young or old, the opportunity to comprehend the system of the Oral Torah and answer its related questions with ease. Never before has such a work become available to the broader community. Considering its subject, depth, and comprehensive explanation, this unique work is sure to be classic.

In this fascinating book, Rabbi Sapirman shows that the Oral Torah we have today is the original, authentic one that was given to Moshe Rabbeinu on Mount Sinai. This unique and necessary book explains many puzzling issues, and will undoubtedly bring considerable chizuk to the emunah in Torah She’baal Peh.

About The Author

Rabbi Dovid Sapirman is a former talmid of the Philadelphia, Ponevezh, and Lakewood Yeshivos. During his fifty years in the field of chinuch, he has been a, melamedmaggid shiurmashgiach ruchani, public speaker, and has worked extensively in kiruv rechokim and kiruv kerovim.

With nearly four decades of experience focusing on reinforcing core emunah, he founded the Ani Ma’amin Foundation in 2009. It is dedicated to offering chizuk in emunah to bnei Torah of all ages and backgrounds. In only a few years, the foundation has held presentations for over 50,000 people around the world, and created three popular series of CDs on inyanei emunah. Rabbi Sapirman lives in Toronto, Canada, with his family.


5 reviews for The Unbroken Chain

  1. Gustavo P

    Read this book slowly, make sure you understand the information he is speaking about. He also has an audio series on his website which goes through the book and is well worth it as well.

  2. Heshy

    This is a book about Emunah, belief in the Almighty, and a fascinating discussion of the oral torah, passed down from generation to generation. The author does a really nice “laying down the facts” to bring us to the conclusion of how the torah that is oral is part-and-parcel of the written torah, and why orthodox jews have “the real thing.” a very interesting book. I haven’t yet read Rabbi Sapirmans other book, but this book stands on its own and explains the arguments and history. If you are jewish or in general, a seeker of truth, I suggest this.

  3. Israel Drazin

    I described Rabbi Dovid Sapirman’s views and that of other Haredi Jews about the origin of Jewish law in my review of his book “Emunah.” I will not repeat it here. I recommend that readers read that review. However, very briefly stated Haredi, that is fundamentalist Jews, believe, that not only did God give the Five Books of Moses, the Torah, to the Israelites while they stood at Mount Sinai, God also gave the Israelites what came to be called the “Oral Torah.” Haredi Jews understand the “Oral Torah” to be how God wanted the Torah to be understood. These “explanations” were not written down until the days when Jews wrote Midrashim, Mishnah, and Talmud, close to two thousand years after Sinai.
    In this book, Rabbi Sapirman explains his views on how the extensive oral explanations were passed down from the time of Moses until much was written down. How could all of this information – such as what work is forbidden on the Shabbat, what work is prohibited on holidays, that “a sign upon your hand” means tefillin, and a multitude of other details – be memorized, how did different views on what the laws required develop, and many other questions that evolve from the understanding that God told Moses how to interpret Torah orally.

  4. Aaron Perlman

    Great for the first time as well as easy to use for reference.

  5. jeff

    Inspirational and educational. Feels in gaps and helps with emuna.

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