The Yom Kippur That Never Ended


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“Is there any other nation that has so much self-sacrifice, generosity, and inner strength?”

Written by a Hesder yeshiva student called up to fight in the historic Yom Kippur War, this book is a powerful and moving firsthand account of the experiences of a harrowing war. Filled with emunah, bitachon, love of Klal Yisrael, and genuine closeness to Hashem, The Yom Kippur That Never Ended provides a rare glimpse into the hearts and souls of those young men who went directly from the benches of their beloved beis midrash to the frontlines of battle.

Also included is the remarkable story of the author’s fellow yeshiva student, Avichail Feld, recipient of the Distinguished Service Medal, who arrived at the Mezach Outpost and promptly found himself fighting three battles: on the frontlines, in Egyptian captivity, and during his rehabilitation after severe injury.

“With its very title, this book conveys an important message; it is a shiur klali for life.”

– Rav Michael Yammer, Rosh Yeshiva, Shaalvim Hesder Yeshiva

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About The Author

Shalom Wasserteil, graduate of the Shaalvim and Mercaz Harav yeshivot and a lawyer by profession, divides his time between building the Land of Israel physically and spiritually, as a member of the executive boards of the Eretz Hemda Institute, the Talmudic Encyclopedia, the Torah U’Mada Yeshiva of the Lev Academic Center, and the Shaalvim Hesder Yeshiva.


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    The Yom Kippur That Never Ended
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