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They say that you can’t judge a book by its cover. But this book is different.

 Think Outside the Lox is a new collection of transformative essays revealing fresh perspectives on Jewish teachings and traditions, based on age-old Chassidic texts and the insights of the Baal Shem Tov. These essays—sharing the Torah’s rich meaning and mystical light—can be read on their own or according to the weekly Torah readings and yearly holidays. The book also features, among other arcane tidbits, a flying fish.

Captivating, imaginative, fun—this book is rendered in a delightful style that anyone can appreciate, from the Hebrew school dropout to the advanced Talmudic scholar, leaving readers both inspired and entertained. 

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4 reviews for Think Outside The Lox

  1. Dovid Teitlebaum

    I never thought one could mix in the Parsha, life lessons and humor all in one short and beautiful Dvar Torah until I read this book.
    What an extraordinary book.

  2. Gavriel Flax

    Wow, just wow!

  3. Danielle Gill (verified owner)

    Rabbi Cohen’s essays are a mixture of humor, thought provoking lessons, and stories that inspire us to take another look at how we can respond to wisdom from Torah and classic Jewish thought.
    The essays, are short, accessible, and at the same time, deeply profound.

    Whenever I am looking for a dvar Torah, or some fresh inspiration, I turn to Rabbi Cohen’s book. I highly recommend you give Think Outside the Lox a read. You will be recharged, inspired, and ready to bring Kiddush Hashem to the world.

  4. Barbara Anbender (verified owner)

    Depth, wit and humor! A must read! A gift I give to friends and family.

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