Three Steps Forward

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Serving Hashem through tefillah is one of the great pillars of Judaism. Although the sefer Ya’aros Devash by Rav Yonasan Eybeschutz has been used by many people to better understand their tefillos, his explanations can be enigmatic for even the most learned of scholars.

In this monumental work, master educator Rabbi Menachem Tenenbaum opens up Ya’aros Devash for our generation. With entertaining stories, sharp insights, and practical advice, this meaningful book will help any growing person who desires to ascend the heights of tefillah.


A readable book that will empower and inspire teens to see prayer in a new way. We know this area needs strengthening; this book can do that.”

Rabbi Akiva Tatz, bestselling author of The Jewish Teenagers Guide to Life

“A magnificent collection of Torah thoughts and stories on the power and importance of prayer… Both beginner and seasoned daveners will gain from this creative, informative, and inspiring work… A must-read for those seeking the beauty of prayer.”

Rabbi Yechiel Spero, bestselling author of the Touched by a Story series



3 reviews for Three Steps Forward

  1. Naema Tenenbaum

    Great book!

  2. Ellie rimon

    Beautifully written, lots of new content on a very talked-about topic. You can tell it was written with love and care

  3. AY Kushner

    Inspiring sefer for anyone who wants to daven with more kavonah.

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