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Discover the soul of Jewish heritage in Rabbi Pinchas Landis’s masterful work, Today in Jewish History. This exceptional book stands out as a daily gateway into the heart of Jewish history, painting each day of the year with a significant event from the Jewish narrative.

Rabbi Landis, a celebrated motivational speaker and educator, has meticulously woven a tapestry of historical vignettes, each resonating with the vibrancy and resilience of Jewish life. His approach to storytelling transcends the ordinary, transforming each date into a profound spiritual journey through time.

Today in Jewish History invites readers on a daily pilgrimage, exploring the miracles and milestones that have shaped the Jewish saga. Far from being a mere compilation of dates, this book emerges as a beacon of faith and a mirror reflecting the divine interplay in the historical odyssey of the Jewish people. It’s an invitation to witness how each day is not just a moment in time, but a chapter in the grand narrative of Jewish history.

This book is an indispensable resource for anyone seeking daily inspiration, scholarly exploration of Jewish events, or a deeper connection to Jewish heritage. With Rabbi Landis’s innovative approach to sharing knowledge, the book has evolved from digital platforms to become this comprehensive volume, reflecting his passion for teaching and history.

Today in Jewish History is more than a historical record; it’s a journey of discovery, celebrating the enduring legacy of the Jewish people. It’s a guide to understanding our place in the continuum of time, making every day a meaningful encounter with the past. Embrace this journey, and let it guide you through the annals of Jewish history, where each day becomes a living testament to the rich tapestry of Jewish life and spirituality. Add this masterpiece to your collection for a daily dose of history, inspiration, and connection to the Jewish narrative.


“Rabbi Landis has collected enormously interesting and significant vignettes of Jewish history to correspond to every day of the year.”

 Rabbi Berel Wein

“Our history is our destiny, and I’m sure that this book will whet the palette of the masses to want more in the study of Jewish history specifically and Torah study in general.”

Rabbi Steven Burg, CEO Aish International

About The Author

Rabbi Landis is a motivational speaker, author, educator, barstool historian, and entrepreneur who is committed to helping people from all walks of life to live the life they want to live instead of accepting the one that happens.

Book Description

Rabbi Eliyahu Dessler writes that there are different flows of holiness that come into the world at different times of the year. Therefore, it follows that each day on the Jewish calendar has a special spiritual character. Today in Jewish History gives readers both the opportunity to enjoy a concise daily Jewish history lesson as well as a feel for what makes each day special.


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