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The Queen of England, in response to a request for life advice, commented, “If I had to give only one piece of advice, it would be to invest in human connections. There is nothing more important in life than connecting with other people, and I think the last year or so has made that very clear.”
Recent global events have necessitated rethinking so many aspects of our lives. It is time to reimagine how to better connect with the significant people around us as well.

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The intelligent, honest, and sincere voice of my dear friend Rabbi Dovid M. Cohen pierces through the cloudy confusion of our times. Study and savor this marvelous work on better understanding the human condition.

Rabbi Moshe Weinberger, Congregation Aish Kodesh, Woodmere, NY

This book brings [the author’s] rich spiritual diversity to the fore as he shares his thoughts on the complex times in which we live, with the purpose of bringing people closer together.

Rabbi Yehoshua Hartman, Rosh Beis HaMedrash, Hasmonean, London

[C]reative insight, clarity of thought, penetrating understanding, and heartfelt writing on the relationships of today.

M. Gary Neuman, world-renowned psychotherapist, New York Times bestselling author

1 review for Together Again

  1. Rabbi Uri Pilichowski

    I spent Shabbat reading Rabbi David Cohen’s latest book, “Together Again,” and I’m happy to report it truly transformed my Shabbat. In his book, Rabbi Cohen takes a look at recent events around the world, especially COVID, and asks his readers to re-examine some of the most important parts of our lives. He begins with the relationships we have with the most important people in our lives. Rabbi Cohen challenges the reader to rethink how they interact with spouses, children, parents, teachers, Rabbis and neighbors.

    Using inspirational and thought-provoking personal stories the author suggests more meaningful ways to deal with the people most important to us. He begs us not to allow the tragedy of COVID’s loneliness to be wasted and use the opportunity the tragedy to see what is around us – meaningful people who enhance our lives.

    I personally found this book meaningful because of the people Rabbi Cohen writes about in the book. So many of them, from my Rabbis, Rav Sinai Adler and Rabbi Benjamin Yudin, my hometown community, Fair Lawn, to people I miss greatly, Josh Bender, David Stern and Borch Galbut, and Rabbi Cohen’s parents, all make appearances. Even if you don’t know anyone talked about in this book, you’ll find the stories uplifting.

    This book is perfect for people who are trying to look back at the past few years of COVID and find meaning, inspiration or a message. I imagine in the coming years many books will be written on finding meaning during COVID, Together Again will be one of the books that should be included among the best.

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