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 With topics organized according to the Jewish calendar, Upgrades presents tried-and-true techniques and thought-provoking ideas to enhance every aspect of your life. Each chapter includes an array of small incremental improvements that can be seamlessly integrated into your regular schedule yet have an outsized impact on your day.

 Learn how to:
♦ Enrich your tefillah even during the busiest times
♦ Revitalize with self-care routines that will keep you energized
♦ Super-charge your parenting with concrete tools and techniques
♦ Optimize your time by employing efficient household habits


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Based on Torah, the realities of frum life, and research on habit formation and psychology, Chaya Fried’s book offers much more than the magazines and lifestyle platforms available to this hardworking demographic… Pick a month, a day, or a goal and get started!

–Rebbetzin Faigie Horowitz, writer and community activist, co-founder of JWOW!

“The cover photograph of Upgrades caught my eye… I clicked on the “Peek Inside” feature and read all that was there. In those few pages, many of the points that lurk in the back of my mind, unanswered, about daily prayer were addressed immediately, directly, and concisely.”

Sarah Shapiro

Make space on your bookshelf! This unique book explains how to infuse renewed joy into even the most monotonous of routines…Destined to become that dog-eared favorite that you turn to time and time again. Come for the humor, and stay for the practical tips!

–Dina Neuman, author, columnist, excessive coffee drinker, and bookshelf owner


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