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Written by a husband-and-wife team who have been teaching taharas hamishpachah to a wide spectrum of men and women for over a decade — and who have ongoing interaction with well-known poskim Wellsprings of Taharah is an ideal resource for chassanim, kallahs, married couples, and marriage instructors.

No matter your background or stage in life, you will gain new insights and attain a newfound appreciation for the laws of Jewish family purity from this work. With comprehensive explanations, practical tips, Torah-true hashkafah, and illustrative stories, Wellsprings of Taharah is a significant and welcomed addition to Torah literature.


“This is a wonderful sefer which will contribute to the klal.”

Rav Asher Weiss

“This work covers the full gamut of the topics relevant to taharas hamishpachah. I commend the authors for a quality presentation.”

Rav Zev Leff

“Everything was done with expert knowledge. [This sefer is] beautifully organized and is written in exact and clear easy-to-understand language.”

Rav Dovid Yosef

About The Author

RABBI YITZCHAK AND MIRIAM GOLDBERG are renowned educa-tors, residing in Sanhedria, Yerushalayim. Rabbi Goldberg has been learning in kollel for close to two decades, currently learning in the Torah Ore beis midrash. He received semichah from Dirshu. He has been meshamesh Harav Yitzchak Berkovits, shlita, for more than a decade. He has also sat in numerous batei horaah, most notably that of Harav Nissim Karelitz, zt”l. He is currently partaking in a program learning Choshen Mishpat under the guidance of Harav Elchanan Peretz, shlita, a talmid muvhak of Harav Hagaon Chaim Pinchas Scheinberg, zt”l, the previous rosh yeshiva of Torah Ore. Rabbi Goldberg has also authored the sefer Matza Chen on the halachos and minhagim of sheliach tzibbur, in both English and Hebrew.
The Goldbergs have been involved in teaching and guiding chassanim and kallahs for over a decade, as well as providing halachic and marital counseling for married couples.
The Gedolim in Eretz Yisrael have been directly involved with Rabbi Yitzchak and Miriam Goldberg, both in the preparation of this sefer as well as in the shiurim they offer, guiding them in the halachos and hashkafos of taharas hamishpachah and other marriage- related matters on an ongoing basis. With the ongoing hadrachah of these Gedolim, the Goldbergs are ideally suited to address the ever- growing challenges that face our generation in these areas from a Torah- true perspective. Rabbi Yitzchak and Miriam Goldberg are the founders of the Chizuk Series website, chizukseries.com, through which they offer separate in- person sessions and recorded series for men and women in taharas hamishpachah, shalom bayis, emunah, and tefillah, which have become popular internationally.
To contact the Goldbergs directly, call +972-2-581-1028 or email mgoldberg1101@gmail.com.

17 reviews for Wellsprings of Taharah

  1. Y Sternbuch

    Absolutely fantastic! written really clearly making it really easy to understand and remember – also has a great index that makes finding specific topics super simple. The stories and tips that are throughout the sefer are amazing as well.

  2. chana zahav

    AMAZING book that will revolutionize the observance of these beautiful mitzvos!!!!! Klall yisrael desperately needed a book on this topic written with this amount of clarity and knowledge of halacha. This rav and rebbetzin will surely prove to be among the most influential spiritual leaders of this generation. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!

  3. Milka kimmel

    This book is a must have! Every husband and wife! Kallah teacher and kallah must read this book!! It is so warm and inviting! Halacha and hashkafa

  4. AG

    WOW! Concise. Clear. and truly inspiring Hashkafa!!
    Trying to build your love for this Mitzvah? This is the right book!

  5. Zahava Hershman

    This sefer helps you approach this mitzvah without stress, giving all of the information in a clear, concise, inspiring, and practical way. The authors love for this mitzvah clearly shines throughout the sefer, which helps the readers to connect to Taharas Hamishpacha in a new and refreshed way!

  6. RS

    I bought the book and am feeling an unbelievable change for the good in my attitude to the mitzva. the zechus in providing such material to the klal is unimaginable

  7. AE

    Yasher koach on this magnificent production. The book is
    designed beautifully, very appealing to the eye, and the content is
    beyond words.

  8. AK

    I want to thank you so much for your wonderful sefer!
    Hashem made it that right around the time I got it, I became a nidda for the first time in quite a while. It was so easy, all encompassing, clear, and a pleasure to read! The examples and stories were such a good way to bring out a point and made things more relatable. From the sefer, I felt confident and ready to complete the mitzva to its fullest!
    I also learned some of it with my husband and he also said that it was very well done compared to other seforim on the topic.
    May Hashem bench you to continue having the koach to give and give to Klal Yisrael as you do and may we all merit much yeshuos and have only simchas!

  9. Chana S.

    So instructive, meaningful, and clear, given over with meaning, depth, and true taste for the Mitzva.

  10. RW

    I purchased t the book and am feeling an unbelievable change for the good in my attitude to the mitzva. The zechus in providing such material to the klal is unimaginable

  11. Chuni Spiegel

    Thank you so so much for this amazing book!
    i am deep in the book since yesterday when i picked it up,
    it is written so well,
    as i can see every paragraph was written in a way that there is something to learn from it,
    including the stories that bring out the point of halacha so clearly,
    and it covers every topic to the point,
    may you continue to spread awareness and halacha and hashkafa to so many yiden,
    and be blessed with whatever you want!
    Thank you so much!!!

  12. CH

    Amazing – must read! As a kallah teacher, I have found that having a practical guide that’s user friendly and that meets contemporary needs is imperative to instill in the younger generation ahavah and connection to this mitzvah.

  13. Faige H

    written very clearly and can be used both as a reference as well as a means to gain a deeper appreciation for the mitzva. Very much enjoying.

  14. R Pollack

    Clearly and beautifully written. A great balance of hashkafa and halacha to inspire while teaching the relevant halachos. The “tahara tips” and appendixes amazing and add tremendously to the sefer!

  15. Aviva L.

    A comprehensive halachic and hashkafic resource for married couples. The halachos are intertwined with inspiration and practical tips. Very clear and easy to read.

  16. Sarah

    A very concise step by step guide in dealing with these halachos as well as practical tips and beautiful hashkafah.

  17. C Bornstein

    This sefer is a must have for every married couple. It is very thorough and explains all of the halochos clearly, with beautiful hashkafa on all topics

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