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From being single, to being married, to raising a (special) child, rising-rabbinic-star Rabbi Dovid M. Cohen shares his experiences and immense wisdom about living a Jewish life in the world today. Readers will gain a friend, a mentor, and positive can-do attitude to life.

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From being single, to being married, to raising a (special) child, rising-rabbinic-star Rabbi Dovid M. Cohen shares his experiences and immense wisdom about living a Jewish life in the world today. Readers will gain a friend, a mentor, and positive can-do attitude to life.

About The Author

Rabbi Dovid M. Cohen has been a pulpit rabbi, lawyer, therapist, and special needs advocate.  He has semicha from RIETS and also did advanced learning for a number of years in the Kollel of Yeshivas Birchas Mordechai of Beitar Ilit, an outgrowth of a popular chabura in the Mir Yeshiva of Jerusalem, studying under R’ Yaakov Friedman and also R’ Moshe Shapiro.
He holds a Juris Doctor degree from Columbia Law School, a Masters in Counseling from University of North Texas, and sits as a rabbinical judge for the Beis Din of America.  He is also a popular guest columnist for Mishpacha magazine and has a private counseling practice.
Rabbi Cohen recently completed serving 9 years as Rabbi of the Young Israel of the West Side, helping to make it one of the most popular and dynamic shuls in Manhattan. He is currently Director of Synagogues for Manhattan, Bronx, Westchester, and Connecticut and the Director of Community Outreach for Yachad, both roles at the Orthodox Union.
He is married to Ruchi (nee Eisenberg), daughter of the Chief Rabbi of Austria and they live on the Upper West Side of Manhattan with their 4 children.

Book Reviews



“I heartily recommend this insightful and thought-provoking book. Rabbi Dovid M. Cohen takes us along a fascinating journey through his personal experiences in the rabbinate and deals with some challenging situations with which many individuals and families will readily identify. His lively style of narrative and mastery of an impressive range of Jewish sources will deepen faith and inspire and motivate many readers.”
—RABBI EPHRAIM MIRVIS, Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth

“Rabbi Dovid M. Cohen has written the orthodox Jewish version of A Prairie Home Companion, with New York’s Upper West Side as Lake Wobegon. This entertaining and illuminating volume shares life lessons and rabbinic answers to human dilemmas with a mix of humor, sadness and seriousness. It is serious and enjoyable, a nice read.”
—AMBASSADOR DANIEL C. KURTZER, former United States Ambassador to Israel and Egypt, and Professor
of Middle Eastern Policy Studies at the Woodrow Wilson School of Princeton University

“The intelligent, honest, and sincere voice of my dear friend Rabbi Dovid M. Cohen, pierces through the cloudy confusion of our times. Study and savor this marvelous collection of essays and personal reflections. This is a touching and engaging work!”

—RABBI MOSHE WEINBERGER, Rabbi, Congregation Aish Kodesh, Woodmere, NY, Mashpia, Yeshiva University


3 reviews for We’re Almost There


    Very interesting. Quick reading

  2. Chaya fay

    Two words are used by our Rabbis to describe the collective wisdom that God has bestowed on the world, and they are Torah, and Chochmah (Wisdom). The term Torah refers to the knowledge and insight found in the written and Oral Law, while the term Chochmah refers to all wisdom which informs, enriches and inspires its learners.

    While there are a handful of exceptions (such as R’ Aharon Lichtenstein zt’l; Rabbi Jonathan Sacks; Aviva Gottlieb Zornberg), most books by Jewish authors stick to either one of the two; either elucidating Torah ideas, or exploring more general topics, which is why We’re Almost There is such a fascinating read.

    Over the past few years, Rabbi Dovid M. Cohen has been writing a column in Mishpacha Magazine that brings together rich, inspiring and insightful Torah ideas with wisdom that Rabbi Cohen has accrued from his own life experiences, and in We’re Almost There, you can read thirty-two of these essays which have been categorised into six categories (The Rabbinate; Family, Friends and Community; Lessons in Parenting from the Father of a Special-Needs Child; The Shidduch Crisis and the Early Years of Marriage; Being Present and Paying Attention, and finally, Strengthening Faith in Our Turbulent Times).

    Some essays refer to moments; others to ideas, and still others, to people. However, what ties together the many different topics addressed in this book is the warmth and candour of Rabbi Cohen who openly reflects on the situations he has encountered and the choices that he has made.

    We’re Almost There is a refreshing yet touching collection of essays by a wise, inspiring and determined Rabbi who has achieved much so far and who appears to be on the trajectory of achieving even more. I highly recommend this book!

  3. RYW

    great book-I am struck by its profound and pervasive humility. As someone stationed at the helm of a complex network of educational institutions, I find great wisdom in the belief that “passionate, dedicated leaders understand that every aspect of a kodesh operation, no matter how mundane, is really subsumed under the heading of a spiritual concern.” The discussion of the value of developing a listening ear and subsequent relation of this practice to the values of Rosh Hashanah was equally inspiring.

    I look forward to sharing this work with my colleagues and friends, and I’m certain the philosophy and stories will become woven into the fabric of my own musings.

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