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Whatever It Takes is a collection of true stories of courage and hope, as told by Rabbi Shea Hecht, a communal leader for forty years in the Crown Heights community of Brooklyn, New York. Rabbi Shea grew up under the tutelage of his eminent father, Rabbi J.J. Hecht, OBM, translator and spokesman for the Lubavitcher Rebbe, ZY”A, and advocate for the Jewish community in New York City and state governments.

As a community rabbi, Shea Hecht has seen it all, from glory to disaster and back again to greater glory. Now, he has put his experiences into book form. Whatever It Takes is storytelling at its most poignant and powerful.

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About The Author

RABBI SHEA HECHT is a member of a distinguished family of fourth-generation American Jews, rabbis, and scholars. He is one of the twelve children of the eminent Rabbi Jacob J. and Rebbetzin Chave Hecht, obm. Formerly a deprogrammer, Rabbi Shea has broadened his focus to directing the multifaceted Jewish educational organization, NCFJE, and is currently a life strategist and a family counselor, specializing in crisis counseling.


CHAIM CLORFENE has had a prolific career in Jewish education as a writer and video producer. Notable among his books are The Path of the Righteous Gentile and The Messianic Temple. He also wrote and directed the acclaimed video documentary, Wake the Dawn: The Story of Jerusalem’s Holy Temple.


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