Why Be Jewish?

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Why Be Jewish? is an inspiring and pleasurable collection of over 20 personal stories surrounding the central question of the day: Why bother being Jewish, anyway?

Based on the stories of individuals he has met over the years Kornbluth has been teaching, each chapter is unique and fascinating. Why Be Jewish? appeals to all segments of the Jewish community, from Reform to Orthodox. It is appropriate for teens, college students, twenty-somethings – and “older folks” as well. Why Be Jewish is touching, thought-provoking, meaningful, and funny. See which perspectives appeal most to you, and gain clarity and confidence in why you’re Jewish.

4 reviews for Why Be Jewish?

  1. David

    fantastic inspirational little book

  2. Toni Probst (verified owner)

    I greatly enjoyed “Why be Jewish”, I only give it a 4 star due to some ‘agenda influence’, though slight, is still not “Jewish” accurate, other than that great imagery and relation to bring one into to connect with the experience. I would also had liked the editor to allow more characters. I highly suggest this book, and I greatly enjoyed the author.

  3. ERICA


  4. YY

    I read the paperback a couple of years ago. WOW. unbelievable

    this hardcover is much nicer as well…

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