Why Did Hashem Create me?

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Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski, M.D.:

Just like we can’t give our children happiness, we can’t give them self-esteem either. However, we can provide them with the building blocks, the love, and the care to help them develop it on their own.

Why Did Hashem Create Me? is one of those valuable building blocks that we can give children. This book provides a healthy perspective about G-d, life and oneself that can strengthen a child’s sense of worthiness and self-esteem and help them enjoy life more.

Book Description

Hashem has created each thing that exists,
From the galaxies and stars to the knuckles on your fists.
So why did Hashem create you and me ?

About The Author

Yechezkel Stelzer is a Spiritual Psychology & Habit Change specialist. He is the Clinical Director of, an international organization offering help for tens of thousands of people struggling with unwanted habits, and the founder of the Live Life Better Program. His passion is helping people experience the gift of life to the fullest.


Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski, M.D.
“This is one of those rare books that is as relevant to highly educated and
sophisticated people as it is to young children. It provides a healthy perspective
about G-d, life, and oneself that can strengthen a child’s sense of worthiness
and self-esteem and can help them enjoy life more.”

Dr. Shloimie Zimmerman, Psy.D.
“A great book to incorporate into the bedtime routine with your kids!”

Charlie Harary, Esq.
“This book provides parents with the incredible opportunity to instill one of
the most important truths into the hearts and minds of their children — the
infinite love that Hashem has for us.”


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