Z’manim: Rosh Chodesh, The Dateline, And The Calendar In Jewish Law

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How did the Jewish calendar come to be? Why are there sometimes two days of Rosh Chodesh and sometimes not? Who keeps Yom Tov for two days? Why are some parshiyos read together? What do Chazal have to say about the International Date Line? Which halachos apply when there is an eclipse? Does the “Magen Avraham’s z’man for k’rias Shema” really exist? Why do we wait for Rabbeinu Tam (and why is he always late)?

While all of us are familiar with and use the Jewish calendar, there is much about it that lies beneath the surface. Explorations in the Jewish Calendar is the culmination of twenty years of research in the mechanics of the Jewish calendar and the halachos of the daily z’manim. For the first time, these complicated topics are presented to inquisitive readers in clear, easy-to-understand English.

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8 reviews for Z’manim: Rosh Chodesh, The Dateline, And The Calendar In Jewish Law

  1. Y.Metzger

    Rabbi Granek shows a deep knowledge for the material and has a clear and concise way of making a highly complex subject easily understandable. I look forward to his future books. Bravo!

  2. marc masri

    Interesting and insightful.

  3. Yehuda Nakdimen

    A needed book in every Jewish home. As religious Jews so much of our lives are controlled by “Z’manim”. To have a basic understanding is so important. The author did a wonderful job of explaining it in a way that both laymen and scholar can appreciate and learn from. He explains the concepts and the ‘sugya’ as well as the practical applications. The author is obviously not only well versed in the texts, he also is an excellent teacher. I am thrilled I bought this book and highly recommend it to all I know.

  4. Motti

    An excellent, well researched, and thorough analysis of zmanim!

  5. Chaya Glatt

    Thoroughly researched, clearly presented. This is truly a scholarly work.

  6. Avi Herskowitz

    I must say, at first I thought this was to be “another” book discussing the various opinions regarding the “Jewish calendar.”

    The author leads the reader using his vast knowledge and research of the “Z’manim” through the lens of history, in a very fluid and interesting educational journey.

  7. Mendy Laster

    Extremely informative and written well clearly by a Torah scholar.

  8. Aron Schwarcz (verified owner)

    Excellent. Makes the zmanim simple and easy to understand. A must buy.

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