Rabbi Avrohom Y. Rodkin


Rabbi Avrohom Y. Rodkin is originally from Far Rockaway, New York. He is a long-time member of the Pittsburgh Kollel, and served as its Educational Director for nine years, overseeing the Kollel’s programs and daily functioning, and teaching and supervising the yungerleit in their community roles. He has delivered thousands of shiurim on Gemara, halachah and hashkafah to the Pittsburgh community and also founded and led a morning Kollel for retirees for seven years. He currently teaches high school and middle school at Hillel Academy of Pittsburgh and serves as a rabbinic mentor for families and individuals who seek his guidance. Rabbi Rodkin is a talmid and musmach of Yeshiva Zichron Moshe of South Fallsburg, and a talmid of Yeshiva Ohr Hameir of Peekskill, Rav Dovid Soloveitchik, shlita, and other yeshivos. He has published in both Hebrew and English, and this is his third sefer.

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