Rabbi Dr. Chaim Tureff is from Tennessee. Rabbi Tureff’s goal is to bring a connection between humanity and for everyone to relate to one another. He is the founder and director of STARS, which guides people struggling with addiction, focusing on the spiritual component, and includes seminars, groups, and one-on-one coaching. He is also the Rav Beit Sefer at Pressman Academy in Los Angeles, a spiritual advisor at Soberman’s Estate in Arizona, and a member of the Teachers on Fire kollel for mechanchim. He graduated from the UNC-Chapel Hill with honors and distinction in history, writing his honors thesis on the relationship between African Americans and Jewish Americans. He received his MA in elementary education from Columbia University and his Ed.D in Jewish Education from Gratz College with high honors, focusing on the role Judaism and spirituality play in helping recovering addicts. He received his semichah from Rav Dan Channen, shlita, and is an alumnus of the Darche Noam Yeshiva of Jerusalem and Rabbinical College of America in Morristown, New Jersey.

Rabbi Tureff is married and blessed to have a family. Please feel free to contact him at Rav.Meir18@gmail.com