Rabbi Ilan Halberstadt

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Rabbi Ilan Halberstadt of London learned in yeshivahs and kollelim in Eretz Yisrael for many years. He received semichah from Harav Moshe Halberstam, zt”l, of the Eidah Chareidis. He is a talmid of Rav Moshe Shapira, zt”l, having learned from him for almost twenty years. As a rebbi for high school boys for many years, he has a wealth of experience and understands today’s teenager. He is known for inspiring teenagers, providing them with a deep and solid hashkafah, motivating them to a love of Torah and a passion for learning. He lives with his wife, Rebbetzin Ruthie, and children in London where he is the rav of the Machzikei Hadas community.