Sample Budgets

While every book is unique and no two books cost exactly the same amount, here are some examples of what authors have paid for recent publications:

Book 1: Small Paperback. 5by 6.5. 100 pages. Color cover, B&W interior.

TOTAL COSTS: $7,900.00 USD

Book 2: Standard Hardcover. 6by 9. 190 pages. Color cover, B&W interior.

TOTAL COSTS: $9,925.00 USD

Book 3: Standard Hardcover. 6by 9. 300 pages. Color cover, B&W interior.

TOTAL COSTS: $11,000.00 USD

This DOES include deep professional content-edit, copyedit, proofread (twice), cover design, interior design, printing first 1,000 copies – with Mosaicas known high-quality printing, all shipping to stores, arranging distribution, overseeing the entire project, overseeing the printing [big job to do it right!], creative input, and much, much more [We encourage you to talk to our authors – we put a lot into our books].

This DOES NOT include optional costs such as advertisements, p.r., or private shipping to authors of galleys or books.  


Author receives 30-35% of list price of books sold in bookstores worldwide, depending on volume of sales. What about the rest? That is how bookstores and distributors make their money working on percentage of sales [this is good motivation to sell books!]. Please note that many publishers only give 25% of list price to authors, even when authors invest significantly more than they do with Mosaica.

How many copies does author get? As many as you want. What do they cost? Nothing you already paid for them. Selling books yourself (on your email list, in shul, at various speaking engagements, etc) is a great way to make money as you get to keep 100% of the sale price.

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