The First Ten Days Reviewed by David Morris

My Rosh Hashana experience this year was greatly enhanced by having Rabbi Yaacov Haber’s latest book at hand, The First Ten Days. The First Ten Days is a unique and beautiful book. Pockets sized, with striking graphics – the book is a compact combination of esoteric...


Books Sefiros Rabbi Yaacov Haber Hardcover $14.95 Add to Amazon Cart Overview Sefiros — spiritual refinement through counting the Omer. A day-by-day guide for Sefiras HaOmer. This year, don't just count the days of the Omer — make the days count! This book takes you...

Writing a Book

How to Write (and Publish) a Book By Doron Kornbluth I’ve been writing, co-writing, editing, and ghost-writing Jewish books for almost 20 years. Because I’ve been at it for a while, people constantly ask me about writing. Now that I help run Mosaica Press (with Rav...
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