The Call Of Sinai




Each year, as the festival of Shavuos approaches, a number of questions that are relevant the entire year-round take on a timely significance:


  • What is Torah, exactly — and what specific role does Torah study play?
  • What does the Revelation at Sinai have to do with me in my day-to-day living?
  • How was the Torah given, and why does it matter?
  • How do the laws and customs of Shavuos reflect our receiving the Torah?
  • How does counting the Omer prepare us for any of this?


Drawing on a wide array of sources from throughout the generations, renowned teacher and author Rabbi Immanuel Bernstein discusses these and many more fundamental questions, providing the reader with a deeper understanding of Torah, Shavuos and ultimately, Judaism itself.




The profound ideas contained within this work are written with elegance and lucidity, in a manner that is both clear and engaging.

Harav Asher Weiss


Rabbi Bernstein gives us the means of understanding what Kabbalas haTorah truly means, in all its richness and beauty.

Harav Yisrael Reisman


Rabbi Immanuel Bernstein has offered up yet another indispensable literary offering at the table of the Jewish world… [It] will enrich the scholar and layman alike.


Harav Noach Yitzchak Oelbaum