The Mosaica Press Process

Step 1: Submission


  • Submits final, updated manuscript to Mosaica. This text includes an introduction, conclusion, and acknowledgments.
  • Collects all haskamos, dedications, and “blurbs” or testimonials that will be printed inside the book or on the cover and flaps, understanding that Mosaica will need all of these within about 4 weeks of this step.

Step 2: The Edit

Editor & Author

  • Editor performs deep ‘content edit’ of book. Makes macro-suggestions as to how the book can be improved and its appeal widened. Suggests additional sections to be added and sections to be deleted. Points out weak arguments that need strengthening and possible questions (or kashas) readers will have. Points out logical inconsistencies. Makes hundreds of changes in the text. Makes dozens of comments on side of text. Gives the author plenty of homework! Author beware: Aside from changes editor makes directly in text, even more are suggested by editor for author to make.
  • Author reads through entire manuscript again, noting all changes made by and suggested by editor. Only after seeing all suggestions made by editor can author begin work on incorporating them. Uses Word’s ‘Review’ function to accept or reject changes. Note that most authors accept most – but not all – of editor’s recommended changes. Makes editorial and stylistic changes suggested by editor, and any final changes or adjustments that he or she feels are necessary. Submits final text to editor. Text includes all material of book (including introduction, conclusion, appendices, acknowledgments, haskamos, dedications, etc – EVERYTHING!). Text should be in a simple Word document. No red marks, suggests, or “comments” should remain. Payment is made for the second stage of work.

Step 3: Text & Design

Copy Editor, Proofreader & Graphic Artist

  • Copyeditor and proofreader fix grammatical, spelling, punctuation, terminology, jargon, and other “copy” mistakes. Makes sure spelling of words is consistent. Adjusts capitals, italics, indentation, etc., to be consistent and consistent with accepted rules and practices (accepted conventions and Mosaica standards). Adjusts file to proper spacing and formatting (according to accepted norms).
  • Art Director and Graphic Artist begin work on cover, showing to author for comments when ready.

Step 4: Final Check


  • Receives interior file. Is only allowed to change actual grammatical or spelling mistakes or typos, marking them with comment function on pdf file. It is too late at this stage for any editorial changes. When file is fixed and ‘blues’ (i.e. galleys) are created, author will then initial blues, giving legal permission to print the document. Note that changes to “blues” are to be avoided at all costs. They represent a significant extra expense to author and are time-consuming. All corrections should have been made at earlier stages, as outlined here. Pays for printing.

Step 5: Voila!

Printer & Distributor

  •  Book is printed and shipped to stores worldwide. Congratulations!!!
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