Rabbi Yehoshua Kurland


Rabbi Yehoshua Kurland has warmed the hearts and souls of hundreds of students throughout his forty years as a rebbi and maggid shiur at Sh’or Yoshuv Institute of Jewish Studies in Far Rockaway, New York. As a long-time student of its founder, Rabbi Shlomo Freifeld, of blessed memory, Rabbi Kurland has absorbed into his bloodstream much of his famed Rebbe’s teachings, especially as they impact relationships in general and the delicate relationship of marriage in particular.

A popular speaker and author of six bestselling works, Rabbi Kurland has inspired his audiences with his passionate delivery and great sense of humor, striking the perfect balance so that his words will enter their hearts. In this volume, he does the same: utilizing the universal language of humor as a means toward his noble objective of promoting shalom v’shalvah, peace and tranquility between husband and wife.

Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, Rabbi Kurland lives with his wife Leah and family in Far Rockaway, New York.

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